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My name’s Carlin—I’m a numbers-centric marketing strategist, results-driven product manager, and experience-focused educator who’s always on the hunt for new work and speaking opportunities. Whether you’re looking support for a project, or a speaker at an event, I’m happy to chat—just give me a shout.

I'm all about the numbers


I currently work at Quietly, a data-driven services and consulting agency specializing in content marketing. As the product strategist, I make sure that our content marketing software, Quietly Insights, is well designed, continually improved, and effectively marketed.

I also ensure that Quietly’s research and analytics processes are in line with leading industry standards. If you’re looking for a data-savvy marketer, analyst or manager for a project, I’m happy to help.

I'm passionate about teaching


From designing hands-on electronics summer camps and consulting schools on their tech ed curriculum, to building and teaching digital marketing curricula, I believe knowledge is best when shared—I’ve been in educational roles for nearly 10 years.

Currently, I teach digital marketing at RED Academy and the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, but am looking for more opportunities to share my knowledge on digital analytics/strategy and tech education.

I've been told I talk too much...


…so I make the most of it. Whether I’m running workshops, hosting webinars, or participating in panels, I’m excited to share my views and insight. If I’m talking anyways, I might as well find an interested audience!

I’d love to speak or run a workshop at your next event. If you’re looking for someone with expertise in digital marketing, marketing analytics or tech education, let’s start a conversation.

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